Pronouncing words with WyabdcRealPeopleTTS

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WyabdcRealPeopleTTS is an audio collection of english words.


If WyabdcRealPeopleTTS is installed on your computer, skip this section.

  • Download a tarball with WyabdcRealPeopleTTS.
  • Extract and install it using this command
sudo tar xjvf WyabdcRealPeopleTTS.tar.bz2 -C /usr/share

on Ubuntu or

su -c 'tar xjvf WyabdcRealPeopleTTS.tar.bz2 -C /usr/share'

on other distributions.

Script for pronouncing words

Install sox program and create script "~/" with following code:

WORD=`echo $* | tr A-Z a-z`
for WORD2 in $WORD
    do play ${TTS_PATH}/${WORD2:0:1}/${WORD2}.wav

QStarDict configuration

Set QStarDict for pronouncing words using this command

bash /your/home/directory/ %s

Example is displayed on screenshot:

Qstardict WyabdcRealPeopleTTS.png

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